Artist in the class!

     Hey! Have you ever had a real artist in the class? I have and it was really cool. her name was Anne and she works with the Shadow Land Theaters. she came in for a whole week and taught us about drama and acting. On the second day we started making masks that cover your whole head. all we did on that day was shape the card board in a cylinder and carved out where our eyes and nose was.

     On the 3rd day we made the noses and taped them on. We also started making  features on their face. we had to choose a guy from back in the 18oo`s. I choose Sir Isaac Brock. He was a major general in the war of 1812. On the 4th day we paper mached the whole mask. some people finished putting on features. After the paper mache dried we painted the masks. After that dried we were done  and ready to preform. the whole experience was really fun and i hope she comes to your school soon.


Some things i can do to change myself are listen more and learn to ride a snowmobile. i need to listen more because i usually miss important things like “it has to be in the form of a news report.” and stuff like that. I want to learn to ride a snowmobile because i just got 2 of them and i don`t know how to ride them. i know how to ride a quad and i think a snowmobile is something like that.

     To change myself in school i need to play more appropietly. such as swinging the my  right way. i couyld really hurt someone if i hit them. I also need to stop rushing through my work just to get it done. if i continue to rush i might make a stupid mistake like misspell my name or something.

     At home i need to stop fighting with my brother and sister. know it must be hard on my mom to come home and see us like that. i also need to clean my pigsty of a room more often. sometimes during the night when i get up to get a drink i step on a piace of lego and it REALLY hurts.

     To change the local community i can donate money to mabye the lions club. that money will probably go twords fundraisers like bayfest.  i can also do simple things like holding the door open for and elderly person or soemone in a wheel chair. little things like that can do a BIG difference.

     my last paragraph is on how i can change for the better of the world. doing things like stopping littering. this cuts down on air/water polution. another thing we can do is stop poaching. this is when people illegaly hunt/fish animals.

                              those where my…

               NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!


Week 10 activity 2 answers!

How many posts did you wright? I wrote 15 posts all together.

How many were set by the challenge? 10 of them were set by the challenge

How many comments did you recive? I recived 9 comments althogether.

Which recived the most comments? why? “Top ten places i want to go” got the most comments. Mabye because I put down some really cool places.

Which post did you like writing the most?why? I liked writing the “Hunting” post the most because I love hunting so it felt easier to write.

Did you change blog themes and why? Yes I did change themes because the original one was so boring.

How many widgets do you have? is it too much or not enough? I have 17 widgets and I think i have just enough.

How many over sea students do you have on your blog roll? I don`t have any oversea students on it.

I`m done for now and i hope this blogging challenge will be very succesful. =)


Hunting rocks!


My post today is again on hunting. As you should know, hunting is my favorite    thing to do ever. I don`t actually have my hunting licence but I watch hunting every day on t.v. My favorite kind of rifle is either a Sako rifle or any kind of lever action. I also like shot guns my favorite is a Winchester. Either that or an old fashion double barrel.

 Continuing with my post, i`m going to talk about my favorite animals to hunt. I want my first hunt to be a turkey hunt. I also love to hunt moose bear and wolves. When I grow up i want to travel all over the world hunting every animal possible.I want to save up for a safari hunt and a polor bear hunt in the Arctic.

Nearing the conculusion, I would like to tell you the different ways to hunt. You can hunt in a tree stand which is a platform attached to a tree. Or you hunt walking around on thew ground. When hunting on the ground you can go prone wich is laying down, crouch wich is well, crouching, or you can stay standing up. In conclusion i would like to say that hunting rocks!

Bye for now and remember, keep your sites straight


My Family!

Hey, Noah here and i`m going to talk about my HUGE family. Starting with my dad`s side. He has 6 brothers  and their all married and they all have kids. So you can just imagine how many cousins I have. My dad`s one brother Rob lives in Kenya because he is a missionary there. he has 2 kids named Hannah and Rachel. Hannah is about my age and Rachel is i think 17. My uncle Rob always tells me stories of Africa. Some day I want to go there too. Now onto My mom`s side. She Has one brother and one sister. her brother has 3 kids and her sister has 2 kids. So i have a big family. Not to mention my distant cousins.

Creativity Rocks!

Hey! Noah here and i just visited 3 creativity sites. Their names are: make a contraption, Build Towers, and Magic pen. Make a contraption is where you have to choose special materials to make sort of a car to get the red wheel into the red rectangle. It`s quite fun actually. But some times I got annoyed with some levels. The next site was called Build Towers. In this one you have a bunch of little red blobs of goo. you have to click and drag the blobs to  make a tower to a ciertan height. On the game it specifies the height. The last game is called magic pen. In this game you have to draw objects to push the red circle to the flag. What ever you draw it magicly comes to life. Hence the name Magic pen. you should really visit these sites.

Comment if you like these too. =)

I Love Halloween!

During halloween we go aroiund and ask people for candy. The way we ask is by saying trick or treat. I use my pillow case for candy collection and last year i got 2 pillow cases full. i finished ALL my candy in about 2-3 days. i don`t belive in all of that stuff about pumpkins warding off spirits and stuff. I just go for the free candy =).  this year for halloween i`m going as a surgeon. my mom works for a surgeon so i can get  the perfect stuff. My mom is getting me a cool surgical saw. i can`t wait till mondat because that is when we go for halloween.


Art is Awesome!

Hey,I have just been on 3 different art websites for week 7 and i was blown away at how cool they are! my favorite by far is the sand art one. what you get to do is you just move the mouse around (while holding down the left button on your mouse) you can create a beutiful piece of art. i made 3 piramids that are mixed with the colours black,grey, and white. my second favorite is sketching with odopod. the colours you can sketch with are really cool. i drew a pumpkin on an awesome shade of green grass. my 3rd and finall activity was Jigsaws with getty art. what you do is well, do jigsaw puzzels. you choose from a bunch of famous art paintings from famous artists. All in All it was fantastic art activitys that we cxan do for free.

comment if you like these too.

My Favorite food!

My favorite food is a turkey burger. turkey is a hamburger but insted of the patty there is a slab of turkey meat. my favorite condiment on it is BBQ sauce, ketchup, and musturd. I also love spicy meat pizza. It has well, spicy meat on it. For dessert i LOVE chocolate chip cookies with milk. My favorite food used to be golosh. wich is made of like cheese and BIG noodles.

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Once upon a gingerbread man

Once upon a time a gingerbread man, he ate a fried pickle. His friends were making fun of him because he ate that food. His mom said “Billy why do you eat that? why can`t you eat gumdrops like the rest of us?” He replied ” I LIKE FRIED PICKELS MOM!!  so suck it up.”

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