A year in my town!!

WINTER: In winter we celebrate Christmas. In Christmas we get gifts and candy. We also celebrate the birth of Jesus. Also we love to play in the snow and drink hot chocolate.

SPRING: In spring we have May long weekend. We also have the county fair. At the fair we eat cotton candy,popcorn,candy apples, ect. We also go on rides and play games.

SUMMER: In summer we have bayfest. Bayfest is almost like the county fair exept the county fair has barns full of animals to look at. we also love to swim in the pool and go to the beach.

FALL: In fall we like to jump in piles of leaves and have bonfires. We also like to have family BBQ`s. I also like to climb tree`s in this time becauseĀ  all of the leaves are off the trees so it is more clear to see the branches.

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