My Digital Footprint

My Digital footprint is not very big becauseĀ  i don`t have a phone so i can`t text and i have only sighned up for facebook. I only gave facebook the neccesary info so that i don`t give out to much. I never give my address phone number or anything like that. You shuld never give out anything like that.

One thought on “My Digital Footprint

  1. Hey Noah, interesting digital footprint blog. I found a lot of results for mine, but only one thing about me, and it wasn’t my Facebook account. I don’t really have much on my Facebook account, so it probably wasn’t a very important search result. Because I’ve had to do this same assignment for the Student Blogging Challenge, I’m assuming you’re still part of the Student Blogging Challenge, right? I hope you will visit my blog and leave a comment at

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