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My name is Noah. some things about me are that i love being outside andriding my bike and swimming. I love seafood and chineses food. i love cats. I have 3 of them their names are Squirt, Harley, and Bean. Harley and bean are kittens but squirt is fully grown. My birthday is Nov.10/99. My favorite colour is yellow because it is so bright and it makes me happy when i see  it.I am in grade seven and i do to Port RowanPublic school. I love love racing video games like sonic racing and burnout revenge. I am not a fan of math whatsoever but i do like art,science, and gym. When i grow up i want to be a teacher. Thats just a little bit about me!


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  1. Hello! My name is Matthew. I am from Pennsylvania, and I’m taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge. Why would you want to be a teacher? I didn’t think that was a very popular job choice for most kids. I noticed we had a few things in common, and I look forward to seeing your future blogs. I hope you will visit my site and leave a comment at 2017mcb.edublogs.org.

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